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Idol Gives Lip Service

April 10, 2008 1 comment

Dana and I were watching American Idol for the first time this season last night. I am always interested in the songs and performers that come on for their annual ‘Idol Gives Back’ show. I think it is great what they do for the poor and needy.
The closing song last night was ‘Shout to the Lord.” This is my all time favorite song! I was excited when it was announced because they have never purposely performed any Christian songs as a group. Well my joy faded quickly. The lyrics were changed from ‘my Jesus my Savior’ to simply ‘my shepherd.’ To the non-Christian viewer this change was probably not noticed at all, but as a believer I thought it was distasteful. I know that Jesus and Christianity are not cool or politically correct to talk about, but don’t use a song speaking specifically about Jesus and change the lyrics to make the song ‘inspirational.’ Jesus has always been and will always be inspirational!

I know that I should probably just be glad that the song was on there at all, but something about the whole thing was just wrong in my book. What do you think?
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24/Idol Thoughts

May 24, 2007 1 comment

I have purposely tried not to write about 24 or American Idol much because so many other people do. With this week being the season finale for both shows I felt it appropriate to finally have my say.

I must admit that this was a disappointing season overall. The plot was very goofy and the ending was less than creative. Jack Bauer has been in so many situations that it is really difficult to find a new storyline that is believeable and unpredictable. I am going to send in a script for next season. Jack Bauer is going to have 24 hours to save the world from aliens. He will team up with Superman, Captain Kirk, and E.T. to bring peace to our universe. Let’s see FOX top that!

American Idol
I did not start watching this season until the top 10 began performing. It was getting a bit old seeing them make fun of so many people. I was not really attached to any performer until about week 8. The talent was great overall. Here are 8 thoughts about this past season.
1) Haley needed more clothes!
2) Idol needed Sanjaya more than he needed them.
3) Phil Stacey was a great singer, but did not seem to “fit” any particular music style.
4) There is much more we will hear from Lakisha Jones. “You go girl!”
5) Melinda made Nashville proud. She was humble, dressed modestly, killer voice and did not
give up her morals for fame. She will remembered with such greats as Tina Turner and
Gladys Knight.
6) The two hour finale went long and my DVR did not get the results. How disappointing!
7) Blake Lewis and Doug E. Fresh: A match made in beat boxing heaven.
8) Jordin deserved to win (only because of the absence of Melinda). Many great things will
come from this talented young lady.
Ok so enough of my ranting about these shows. What did you think?
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