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Sunday ReCap (Week Four)

This past Sunday I continued the series entitled Closer. This week I looked at God’s attribute of patience.

Patience is one of those goals that many people strive for, but never grasp. I know that I “try” to be patient, but come up short most of the time.

If I were to summarize the Bible, I would describle it is a story of a patient God who repeatedly waits for His people to realize their need for a Savior. God gives us chance after chance to follow Him because of His promise to judge the world. He does this patiently even though He has enought evidence against us to warrant our destruction.

When you begin to understand how patient God truly is the only response I can think of is to change and then invite everyone I come in contact with to change also.

In this sermon I will:
1) Give characteristics of God’s patience
2) Discuss what motivates God to be patient
3) Reveal the benefits we get from our patient Father

The sermon is provided in the player below. I hope you are blessed by what you hear.

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  1. David Kirk
    February 13, 2008 at 5:50 am

    Mike: I found your blog through the Blog Prophet. Just saying “hi”.

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