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Sunday ReCap (Week Three)

This past Sunday I preached on the topic of “Closer: Our Holy God.” This is the third part of a series looking at the attributes of God.

I have become well aware that everyone, including Christians, have lost our perspective on how seriousness of sin. You may hear foul language, view violence on television, or listen to gossip about another and not even realize that you participated in sin. We have become numb and due to this it has become extremely difficult for us to see the impact of sin in our life.

Imagine if man would have never sinned. How would your life be different today? I believe that because of sin our world has been impacted significantly. There would be no need to work because God would have provided it for us. There would be no physical diseases because each of them have resulted in some way from man’s sin (i.e. pollution). There would be no addictions because we would have a fulfilling relationship with God and need no other substitute. There would be no war or violence because God created us to live in peace with one another. These among many other reasons are how sin has caused us to have a disconnected relationship with God.

Due to the reasons given above, I am convinced that we cannot even begin to grasp the concept of holiness because sin has marred our lives.

In the lesson I try to answer the following questions:
1) What is holiness?
2) Why do we consider God to be holy?
3) Why should we be holy?
4) How do we become holy?

Due to technical difficulties we were not able to record this sermon, but I will attempt to re-record in the next couple of days and post it in the media player below. I hope you are blessed by what you hear and learn.

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  1. Bill
    February 1, 2008 at 5:15 am

    God bless you, brother!

    Spiritual Oasis Blog

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