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The Search for Shepherds

Many people have asked (actually only two) why I have not been posting much lately. I have been busy doing a ton of reading for a new Bible class that I will begin teaching on Sunday. The congregation that I currently serve has not had elders in a few years. It has been a personal goal of mine and the congregation to have elders re-established in the congregation. I must admit that I have never been through this process before. I have been at congregations that already had elders and added more, but never have helped a congregation establish an eldership after not having any for several years. This is a great task, but I know that God will bless us through this process.
I have spent the past year teaching on the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts as a primer for this next class. I felt that the proper groundwork had to be laid in order to discuss a topic as important as spiritual leaders. I have spent countless hours reading the four texts above. Each presents valuable information on the heart, function, and qualities of spiritual leaders. I will spend the next 3-4 months teaching on the topic of spiritual leadership. The ideal end result is that we will be able to establish an eldership in our congregation in the Spring of 2008. Your prayers on this process are definitely sought.
Due to the all of the research I have been doing I want to use the information that I have acquired to bless as many people as possible. Over the next few months I will use my blog to discuss this important topic of spiritual leadership. I pray that you will enjoy what you read and give any feedback that you find helpful.
If you are interested in the class outlines that I will be presenting they will be available every Sunday evening on the church website http://www.lvcoc.org/ in the ‘Media’ section.
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