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Another Year Gone

I turned 31 years old yesterday and I realized how fast this last year has gone by. This past year has been a huge growing and adjustment period for my family and I. I find myself in Lebanon, PA with my beautiful wife and two awesome daughters. I still have no idea why God blessed me with each one, but I will not continue to question His wisdom and grace.

I found out the hard way yesterday that I am not 19 anymore. I came to church to take our kids to go play mini-golf. I approached the building and saw a few guys tossing around a football. In all of my wisdom I planned to run in and intercept the ball. This plan was well thought out in my mind, but my body was not ready. I dropped my bags, ran through the grass, dived through the air and intercepted the pass. I wish at this point I could say that it ended beautifully. As I was coming down out of the air my left foot was not ready for impact and I twisted my ankle pretty bad. The kids thought it was hilarious so I tried to pretend that I was not hurt. This attempt lasted for about the two minutes that it took me to get myself inside the church building. My ankle instantly swelled up like a balloon. I ended up playing mini-golf anyway, but immeadiately went home to ice it down. I walked around all evening with a cold pack duct taped to my ankle. I was definitely cute. My present to myself for my birthday is an ankle the size of a grapefruit. Way to go me!

Overall I enjoyed my birthday. Dana fixed me an excellent dinner of BBQ pork, cole slaw, sweet corn, sweet tea, and a pumpkin pie. For a few minutes I thought I was back in Memphis.

I continue to feel the blessings of God and am looking forward to all that He has planned for me in the future. I hope that you too can appreciate what God is doing in your life and respond to Him accordingly.

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