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On The Other Side of the Tracks

What would you do if you woke up one day to the following situation? You do not have your identification, car, job, or cell phone. The only thing you have on you is $3. You need to get into a court ordered detox program because of your alcoholism and fourth DUI. You have two kids at home who need someone to watch them while you are gone for treatment. You only have a few hours to get this process started and you must still eat today.

I am currently a member of the 2007 Leadership Lebanon Valley Class. This is a group of about 36 individuals throughout the Lebanon Valley. We are a mixture of business and community members who are learning how to become better leaders. We meet once monthly to discuss the happenings of our community and to learn how we can take a leadership role in seeing them improve. The above paragraph is the situation that I faced a few weeks ago.

It was a comfort to know that I only had to endure that situation for four hours. It was not comfortable having to ask for help from others. My pride kept me from this on several occassions. This experiment helped me to see the plight of the some 43 million working poor in our country. Sometimes it is easier to call someone lazy or unmotivated rather than try to see life from their point of view. I hope we can all take the time to consider those in our community who are struggling and do something about it.

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