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Spiritual Binky

Emily is now two weeks old and has been blessed with the spiritual gift of crying. She lets us know that she needs attention or is not happy through a series of ear piercing howls. Mikayla does not know how to handle the crying. Anytime Emily is throwing a fit Mikayla quickly runs throughout the house to find Emily’s binky. Mikayla prides herself in being able to pacify Emily because then she will not be bothered by the crying.

It is amazing that at such a young age she has learned that the quickest way to get rid of a problem is to pacify the one making the most noise. It is no wonder that when we “grow up” and find a church family that the same principle is used. How many times has your church leadership made a bad decision because they did not want to listen to the complaints or grievances of just a few people. They make a hasty decision that affects the entire congregation negatively because they were not willing to have people upset with them even when their complaints were not justified.

The church and the world continue to be a scary place because leaders are too quick to make changes because they don’t want anyone upset with them. I believe someone famous once said that we cannot please everyone all the time. My life would be a total mess if God always gave me what I want when I wanted it because I complained long and loud enough. Should the leadership in the church treat people any different than how God treats us?

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