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Implications of Abraham’s Footsteps of Faith

What do Abraham’s footsteps of faith have to do with spiritual formation today?

1) We must be open to the revelation of God. God is constantly calling us into fellowship with Him. It is His desire to reveal His will for our live to us. Generally the problem is that we are not expecting God to reveal anything to us. Without the expectation of revelation we are placed on a path of trying to figure out our life for ourselves. This can be messy. There have been times in my life where I truly wanted to follow God, but I was not doing anything to hear Him. I was not praying. I was not studying His word. My desire alone was not enough. It was not until I purposely sought Him that I became open to His revelation. I do not think we find God on accident. We don’t just wake up one day and just happen to be serving Him. There must be effort and openness on my behalf to have a relationship with Him.

2) We must obey the call of God. Just having knowledge of what God wants me to do will never be enough. When God called Noah to build the ark He had a particular plan in mind (Genesis 6). When God finished speaking to Noah there was no doubt in Noah’s mind about what he needed to do. The faith of Noah was shown when he began to do what God called him to do. I know of so many people who know God’s purpose for them, but choose not to follow God. I am sure we have all been there before. Bad experiences, trust issues, fear, and many other barriers have deterred some good people from following God, but His call remains the same. We know that prayer, Bible study, fasting, and other spiritual disciplines are ways to be in fellowship and communication with God, but there is a deep lack of obedience to this call. It is in our obedience that God is able to use us to spread His glory throughout this world.

3) We must allow God to grow our faith. Spiritual formation is a process. We will never do it perfectly. Our flesh will continue to fight our spirit as we seek growth (Romans 7:15-25). I believe that at times we will respond to God the same way Abraham did. We will seek shortcuts in our spiritual formation. We will try to get God to bless situations that do not need to be blessed. Thankfully God can use our weaknesses to help us to become stronger in our faith.

4) We must make God our top priority in life. Due to our lives being directed by school schedules, work, children, marriages, and many other distractions, we leave God little time to work in our life. It is going to take time and effort to practice any of the spiritual disciplines. We will have to make God our priority in order for transformation to take place. If I only give God five minutes a day to work on me He can still use that time to develop us, but we should not expect much. When I make His will and the disciplines priority one in my life my schedule and everything about me will point to God. This is not to say that I will spend 24 hours a day in prayer and fasting. The balanced spiritual life finds time to deal with all of its responsibilities, but God is given precedence in all things.

Spiritual formation is serious business. It cannot be approached lightly. God wants to see us changed, but it begins with us being open to His revelation, being obedient to His call, allowing Him to grow our faith, and making Him our top priority in life. I hope you are ready to begin this journey with Him.

  1. ruthrap
    March 10, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    i hadn’t visited your blog in a while and saw your comment on JimmyBob’s so came over..good stuff..glad i checked you out…i’ll be back!

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