My Story

I am a second generation preacher. My father has been a minister for nearly 40 years now. He has been preaching at the same thirty-member congregation for over 30 years now. Growing up I witnessed the abuse and troubles that he went through because of working “for” the church. My father never encouraged my brothers or me to preach because he wanted us to make our own career decisions. I made up my mind at a very early age that preaching and “ministry” was not for me.

I accepted Christ and was baptized for the remission of sins at the age of 10. This was an exciting time for me, because I was beginning to understand my sin and how it separated me from God. My parents were excited about my decision, but did not pressure me into it. I knew that I was taking a big step by doing this, but was unaware of how strong the pull of sin would be in my life. I considered myself to be a good child. I always listened to my parents, was active in church, made good grades, and was not in trouble that much. I am not sure if I was “good” because of my desire to follow God or the fact that I did not want to make my father look bad since I was the preacher’s kid. I did my best to follow the Bible and my parents until I left for college.

I began college life at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. During my two years there I took it upon myself to experiment with sin. I knew what God’s Word said about my life, but I did not have a faith of my own. I had spent my entire life living through the faith of my parents. This was apparent to me because I truly could not fathom grace or the fact that God truly saved me. I was lost spiritually and did not care about my soul. My sins were overwhelming and many, if not all, of my life choices were headed for destruction. I was living a lifestyle that was heading me straight towards hell. It took me getting fired from my job to help me realize that I was not headed in the right direction.

What happened to the little boy who prayed every night? What happened to the young man who won an award for being the best Christian example in his youth group? The person I looked at it in the mirror was a far cry from what he used to be.

It took the prayers and encouragement of some close friends and family to help
me to repent of my sins and rededicate my life to Jesus Christ. This time though things were different. I found myself truly searching for God. I began asking questions that I had never asked before. I wanted to know why we worshipped every week. I wanted to know what grace really meant. Why was Christ’s death so important? Who is the Holy Spirit? These questions and many more flooded my mind. I seek these answers daily. I will not act like I have all the answer to all my questions, but the acquisition of this knowledge is why I remain a Christian today. The fact that God continues to answer me has helped me to strive to be like Jesus.
I eventually began college at Freed Hardeman University and began some relationships that have helped mold me into the Christian I am today. It was at FHU that I began to take my spiritual life serious and have the desire to help others in their walk. I was only able to do this because of the grace I received from God and others.

I believe today my life is different because of the mistakes I made. It was through these mistakes that I learned what the prodigal son went through. It was through these mistakes that I was able to return to my loving Father and realize that I was important to Him. It was in these experiences that I was able to enjoy the fellowship of believers because I was welcomed back lovingly. Spiritual formation actually means something to me today. It is more than words. It is an experience of coming to God and allowing Him to use you regardless of where you have been or what you have done.

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