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Viewer discretion is advised

XXXCHURCH.COM is a ministry for those inside and outside the church who struggle with pornography. I have had the opportunity to view the website and have been impressed by what these guys are doing. I will be the first to admit that I do not agree with all of their tactics or approaches, but they are fighting Satan in a very unique way. I do know that very few, if any, churches are discussing purity or the effects of pornography on our society. This is a topic that is ignored, but is destroying families across our country.

This is a video link to a story that aired on ABC News a couple of weeks ago. I must warn you that some of the content is adult oriented and is not intended for children. Please remember this if you choose to watch the news story.

I would like to get some feedback about what you think about this ministry. Do you think they are helping the problem or making it worse? What are your churches doing to help fight pornography? Please leave your comments below. God bless.

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