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Spiritual Influences Part 2 (Dana Jones)

My wife Dana and I have been married for eight years now. She has been a great example to me and shown me the grace of God in so many situations. She patiently lives my my personality and many shortcomings. Dana realizes that we are both broken. She knows that neither one of us is perfect and that we never will be. We have been broken by sin and will not be whole on this Earth. She is constantly searching for God’s will in her life and helps keep me accountable when I am not active in my search. She has always challenged me to seek God’s calling and has followed me all over the U.S. in my attempt to do that. I know that my actions frustrate her at times, but she continually shows me the grace that she has received from God.
I had the opportunity to “grow up in the church” due to my father being a minister. Dana, however, is the only Christian in her family and came to know Christ in her late teenage years. She was introduced to Christ by a close friend and has been growing ever since then. Her determination to know God and seek His wisdom encourages me and has strengthened my faith in God. I am glad that He has put her in my life and I feel it to be a honor to be her husband. I look forward to growing old, growing spiritually, and growing our family together.

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