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Thanksgiving 2006

November 29, 2006 Leave a comment

We got back late last Monday night from our trip to Tennessee. It was so good to see my family and friends. We have only been gone for three months, but it feels like forever. My brothers did not get an opportunity to come to Henderson, but they were missed just the same. My parents are missing Mikayla very much and she asks about them often. They took many pictures of her while we visited with them just in case we never return (just kidding).

As usual, I ate way too much food. I am not sure why I allow myself to do that every year, but it just seems to be a part of my tradition. My mother thought it would be funny to take pictures of me as I slumbered, but I did not appreciate it too much. You can check out some of her handy work above.

Thanksgiving was fun as usual because of all the interesting conversation. My parent’s house is really loud because everyone likes to talk over each other and we also have the t.v. blaring in the background. This whole situation makes for many great memories. We talk about everything from antiques to Dora the Explorer. This may not sound like much fun to you, but everything is crazy at a Jones gathering.

Everyone was excited about our new baby that is coming and amazed at how much Mikayla has grown. I cherish the time that my family spends together because I continually realize how important family should be. I am glad that God has blessed me with a family that loves each other, get on each others nerves, supports each other, and sacrifice for each other all at the same time. I hope each of you enjoy your family during this holiday season.

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Spiritual Cliffs Notes

November 9, 2006 5 comments

I do not know who Cliffs is, but he used to be my best friend in high school. He read every important book known to man and then published his summary of knowledge in a small yellow paperback book for only $9.95. It did not make a difference how long or boring the book was because Cliffs was always there to lend me a helping hand. I sure do miss him.
The only problem with me Cliffs helping me out is that to this day I have missed out on reading some great literary classics. Sure I can tell you the main point of the story and possibly the plot, but do not ask me for specifics. I cannot give you specifics because I did not take the time to read for myself. I depended on Cliffs to give me the answer to every question I had.
I have noticed a trend in the church that is very scary. Members show up to hear the sermon or “spiritual cliffs note” for the week. They take what they hear and for the most part take it to be true as long as it does not make them uncomfortable or disturb any belief that they already have. The problem with this scenario is that the preacher become some sort of Bible quick fix for the week. Many people will not go back and check to see if the preacher is speaking the truth. This fact is frustrating because some of us preachers actually like the fact that people take what they say as the gospel truth. I do hope everything I say is the truth, but each of us have the responsibility of studying God’s Word for ourself. I pray that each of us will come in contact with the Bible besides just during the Sunday sermon. God bless you this week and grow from His word.

What do you think about ‘Jesus Camp’?

November 1, 2006 2 comments

I thought I would try something different today. Instead of me commenting on this blog I want you to. I found this video on, but it is far from stupid. I want you to watch it and tell me your first impressions of this movie.

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