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Let’s Get It Started

Today was my first day at the Lebanon Valley Church of Christ. I was so tired and drained by the end of the second morning service that everything seemed to be a blur to me that day. It was a strange feeling knowing that I was the new preacher there. I was wondering if they had made a mistake or if I would wake up and realize that I was just dreaming. I made it through in one piece and feel that things went well.

My sermon topic was “Finish Strong”. It was an expository lesson from Galatians 6:9-10. I used this passage to encourage the congregation to wait on the blessings of God and to choose not to give up on the good work that it has been doing. I believe it is very easy to get discouraged when our comforts and the things we are used to change when we were not expecting it. I don’t like change if I am not in control of things. I am sure this is the reason why many people do not like change. I am learning to trust God even more because change is inevitable.

We studied the first sixteen verses of James chapter one in Bible class. I believe that verse one impressed me the most in that study. We see here that James calls himself a servant of Jesus even though Jesus was his brother. I know if my brother was famous I would tell someone about it. I think that James shows a humbleness by not trying to be known by his relationship to Jesus. He uses the term ‘servant’ proudly. I pray that I can get to a place in my spritual journey where self promotion is not my goal anymore. The promotion of Jesus as Lord is my job and not being known.

I have a strong feeling that God has some great blessings ahead for the congregation here. I pray that my service here can be a benefit to the Kingdom and that many souls will have a better understanding of the love that God has for them. I solicit your prayers as I begin my journey in Lebanon.

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