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Today I realized that the last nine weeks of my life have been a total blur. I have been so busy with my youth group this summer. I just returned from Six Flags in St. Louis. It was fun, but was physically and mentally exhausting. It was my last major trip for the summer. I feel like some good was done at Holmes Road this summer, but I have been paying for it with a lack of sleep, random moments of irritability, stress, and frustration. Things are beginning to slow down due to school being back in session in about two weeks. I am painfully aware that life will continue to be hectic due to us moving in only 26 days. I prefer to express time in days rather than weeks because it makes it feel like I have longer to wrap up things here. I am still in denial about moving, but August 24th will be here before I know it!

We are currently in the process of practicing our faith in God. We are attempting to buy our first house from 1000 miles away. I do not suggest this to anyone! I am very independent and a control freak (Many of you were not surprised to see that). It has been very difficult having to trust other people with a major life decision like purchasing a house without me being able to see exactly what I am getting into. Now I probably would not even trust my mother to pick out a tie for me at this point in my life, so househunting from 1000 miles away has been no picnic at all. I have just been telling myself over and over that God will work it all out. I am sure that is the reason why we are in this situation to begin with. I think God wants us in a place where we can only trust in Him. My controlling side is not liking this transition, but it has been good for me. Please pray that I continue trusting God because I will go crazy if I continue to try and be in control.

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