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Is it Friday yet?

For the past two days we have been scraping old paint off of our Workcamp house. The kids on my crew have been working very hard. I did not realize how addicting it is to scrape paint. I would get started in one area and would stay there forever because the paint kept coming off. Scraping the paint was therapeutic in some ways. I got so much satisfaction knowing that I was getting rid of something that is unneeded so that something needed could come and repace it.

I nearly knocked out one of the girls on my team with a role of duct tape. I was attaching a scraper to the end of a painting pole and the tape got weak then broke. The tape broke with so much force I ended up punching the girl in the face with the roll of tape. I just knew in my heart that she had a concussion because she walked around the rest of the day with a terrible headache. So now I have a reputation for beating up 8th grade girls. Way to go me!

I am amazed at the number of people in the neighborhood that we are working in that seem to have nothing to do all day. I saw so many people just walking around drinking beer and having no care in the world. The language that came from their mouth was angry and bitter. The clothes they wear is nicer than anything in my closet and many had more gold in their mouth than I have owned in my entire life. I accounted some of it to be an issue of mixed priorities, but I do not claim to know or understand their situation. This experience was just a reminder that God is still needed in our world. People need Him so badly and just do not know it. I am excited that our house painting can be a witness to God’s love for the people of our neighborhood. People continue to ask why we are painting this house for free and it is good to know that reason for our work is bigger than them and us. I pray that these next two days will continuing to be a great learning experience for me.

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