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Welcome to Memphis

Michelle got a nice, warm Memphis welcome today at church. She was helping me work on the youth calendar for the summer and left her cell phone in the church library. She went to make a call and could not find it. Just a few minutes earlier a young lady had come in for benevolent help and had been sitting in the library while we worked. While it cannot be proven that the lady took Michelle’s cell phone it was mysterious how it was missing just a few minutes after she left. That is one $150 lesson that I am sure that Michelle will not forget.

Today was the first day of Workcamp. We got an opportunity to go and meet our other team members. Workcamp is setup where the “experienced” team leader directs the efforts of 12-13 teenagers from several other congregations. It is the team leader’s responsibility to stay organized and make sure the house is painted and that no one gets hurt. Last year was my first year at Workcamp and I was paired up with a leader who had participated for about 10 years already. I was under the assumption that I would once again be trained by a seasoned professional so that in a couple of years I would direct my own team. To my surprise and dismay Buster Clemens proudly announced me as a team leader! I knew this was obviously a mistake or misprint but it was not. Monica Grundy, Michelle, and I are working together to lead a team of 13 teens. Our team members seemed excited to be there, but only three have ever been to Workcamp before. It is needless to say that this will be an interesting week.

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  1. preppy white girl's other sister
    June 8, 2006 at 4:05 am

    so i believe you will be a great leader at work camp (seeing that you have Michelle by your side to help). sounds like you all had a good lesson about work camp and the analogies that were made. Well hope u have a good week at work camp. You will do fine.

    oh and i hope this helps with yoru blog comments

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