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June 25, 2006 3 comments

I will be attending Short Mountain Bible Camp until Friday so I will not be blogging this week. I am sure that my two readers are disappointed. Have a great week.

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My family

June 22, 2006 3 comments

A comment was made that I never talk about my family in my blog. So here we go!

I am married to the beautiful and wonderfully talented Dana Jones. She is 29 years old and originally from Ohio. We will be married for 8 years in August. She is a great wife and an excellent stay at home mom. She enjoys reading, trying new recipes (good cook), scrapbook, chasing Mikayla, and teaching. I feel very fortunate to have found her. She can see right through me and I thank God for her.

She has been a huge part of my ministry for the past eight years and is a great encourager. This woman has followed, supported, and believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. I have tried to make her happy more times than I have made her sad. She is the ONLY person who knows the “real” me and loves me in spite of that. Although most people would not know it, she has a funnier personality than I do. She does not demand the attention of the crowd as I do, but is truly the person that I want the most attention from.

I KNOW that I frustrate the world out of Dana, but she loves me anyway. She is able to deal with my “over the top” personality, insecurities, and character flaws. She is my friend, strength, sidekick, and the one that makes my life exciting.

God has sent me a wonderful Christian woman that wants nothing more than to serve Him and to take care of her family.

God has a sense of humor! I say that because he blessed us with Mikayla. She is two years old. This young lady is a crowd stopper and loves her daddy. She proudly will tell you her birthdate, place she lives, full name, and the name of her parents. God took beauty and brain of my wife, my personality, His love, and stuffed it into a 25 lb. 3 foot body.

I pray for her so much because she has been such a blessing to our family. Her funny outbursts and even her temper tantrums remind me of how I am with God most of the time. She is helping me to understand about patience and true love.

I want the best for her and I do not mean material things. I want her to grow up knowing that she is beautiful, talented, kind, and loved by God and her parents. I want her to be educated about life and be able to make the right decisions. I want her to make mistakes and actually learn from them. I want her to be responsible and choose to do the right thing. I want her to love people and not to judge. I want her to know God and accept His love. I want her to know that nothing in this world is greater than being a child of God. I pray that she and I will have a good relationship. I want to treat Dana right so that she will know how she should be treated. I want to be a good example to her. I want to teach her to be honest and look for the good in all people. All of this may seem impossible, but she is DEFINITELY worth the effort and I will do my best to see this happen.

So this is my family. They may not seem like much to you, but they are mine and that is all I need to know.

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What would you do for a dollar?

June 15, 2006 2 comments

On Tuesday night we had our first Teen Night Out for the summer. We had about 25 kids to show up. Zac Lambrecht from Grace Crossing Church was our speaker. He asked the kids what they would do for a dollar. To my surprise many people will do just about anything for a dollar including myself. The following tasks were done for a dollar: drink a 1/4 bottle of hotsauce, eat a mustard covered sardine, consume a spoonful of crushed garlic, shaving one armpit, and drinking a live goldfish. I will not tell you which one I did, but my underarm does itch today. Zac talked to us about the life of Solomon and discussed the vanity of material things. It was awesome to see that someone who had everything felt empty without God. I pray that I will live out that principle in my life.

Yesterday Michelle and I got the opportunity to meet with Candi Wood from Agape. Candi is the coordinator over the F.I.T. (Families in Transition) Program. This ministry provides housing and life skills training for homeless women with children. The women are able to live there for two years with the goal of them finding employment and sustaining their family on there own. Local congregations are able to adopt a family and help become a support system for them while they are in the program. This summer our youth group will go there to paint one of their houses and also have a carnival day for the children in the program. I am looking forward to working with this ministry.

Last night was the second meeting of my ‘Every Man’s Battle’ class. This summer I am teaching about sexual purity for men 7th grade and up. There were 17 people present. I was nervous the first week, but the guys have been very encouraging so far. I am praying that this class will help some men become more honest about their spiritual struggles. I feel that I am growing some in this area already.

Well Michelle has been here for two weeks now and surprisingly no one has died yet. She has been doing an awesome job with the girls. It has been nice working with her because she is organized and has great ideas. I do enjoy picking on her because she ALWAYS has a smart comment to throw back in my face. The girls here seem to be taking to her pretty well. I feel fortunate that she is here and know that our youth group is being blessed by her presence.

Well this one was long today, but I had a lot to say. I hope everyone who is reading this has a blessed day.

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Gotta love bowling!

June 12, 2006 1 comment

We finally finished painting our Work Camp house at 2:45 p.m. on Friday. There were SEVERAL moments throughout the week that I did not think it would come together. Michelle was awesome this week. She worked very well with the kids and did not need much direction. It is always easier doing a job with someone that you do not need to supervise. My team worked extremely hard and I am glad that I got the opportunity to serve with them. Overall 28 houses were painted this week and there have now been over 500 houses painted in the past 18 years (GO WORKCAMP GO)!
I was very exhausted when I got home on Friday. If I had of been in my right mind I would have gone straight to bed. I walked in the door at 9:15 p.m. and left again at 9:25 p.m. I did not return until 1:45 a.m. Did I mention I did not see my family this week?

Bill Jones and I headed out to a guys’ night out honoring Robert Besinger. He got married on Saturday and we wanted this to be a memorable night for him. When we reached BW3 we were excited to see Robert wearing a skirt, some girly looking shirt, and a tiara. He was scarfing down hot wings and get a lot of attention from many people in the restaurant. We tortured him there for a while and then decided to go bowling.

This is the part of the blog where I should say that our night was uneventful, but that would definitely NOT be true. Upon entering the bowling alley several random people asked Robert to take pictures with them in his nice outfit. Robert was obliged to do this. Once we began bowling the night quickly went downhill.

Robert B., A.J., Phil S., and I were on the same team. The competition was fierce, but fun. I got an opportunity to showoff my curve ball a few times that night. We tried our best to do outdo each other, but some random girl took the cake. Due to confidentiality and not wanting to go into too many details I will just say that some people should really consider not drinking and then going out into public. We were entertained most of the night by some girl who wanted to display her “dancing skills” for all of the bowling alley to see. She made the night VERY awkward. I laughed so hard that night that I was literally rolling on the floor on SEVERAL occassions. It did not help at all that A.J. is a jokester also. I had more fun Friday night than I have in a very long time. I hope Robert gets married again real soon.

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Is it Friday yet?

For the past two days we have been scraping old paint off of our Workcamp house. The kids on my crew have been working very hard. I did not realize how addicting it is to scrape paint. I would get started in one area and would stay there forever because the paint kept coming off. Scraping the paint was therapeutic in some ways. I got so much satisfaction knowing that I was getting rid of something that is unneeded so that something needed could come and repace it.

I nearly knocked out one of the girls on my team with a role of duct tape. I was attaching a scraper to the end of a painting pole and the tape got weak then broke. The tape broke with so much force I ended up punching the girl in the face with the roll of tape. I just knew in my heart that she had a concussion because she walked around the rest of the day with a terrible headache. So now I have a reputation for beating up 8th grade girls. Way to go me!

I am amazed at the number of people in the neighborhood that we are working in that seem to have nothing to do all day. I saw so many people just walking around drinking beer and having no care in the world. The language that came from their mouth was angry and bitter. The clothes they wear is nicer than anything in my closet and many had more gold in their mouth than I have owned in my entire life. I accounted some of it to be an issue of mixed priorities, but I do not claim to know or understand their situation. This experience was just a reminder that God is still needed in our world. People need Him so badly and just do not know it. I am excited that our house painting can be a witness to God’s love for the people of our neighborhood. People continue to ask why we are painting this house for free and it is good to know that reason for our work is bigger than them and us. I pray that these next two days will continuing to be a great learning experience for me.

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Welcome to Memphis

June 6, 2006 1 comment

Michelle got a nice, warm Memphis welcome today at church. She was helping me work on the youth calendar for the summer and left her cell phone in the church library. She went to make a call and could not find it. Just a few minutes earlier a young lady had come in for benevolent help and had been sitting in the library while we worked. While it cannot be proven that the lady took Michelle’s cell phone it was mysterious how it was missing just a few minutes after she left. That is one $150 lesson that I am sure that Michelle will not forget.

Today was the first day of Workcamp. We got an opportunity to go and meet our other team members. Workcamp is setup where the “experienced” team leader directs the efforts of 12-13 teenagers from several other congregations. It is the team leader’s responsibility to stay organized and make sure the house is painted and that no one gets hurt. Last year was my first year at Workcamp and I was paired up with a leader who had participated for about 10 years already. I was under the assumption that I would once again be trained by a seasoned professional so that in a couple of years I would direct my own team. To my surprise and dismay Buster Clemens proudly announced me as a team leader! I knew this was obviously a mistake or misprint but it was not. Monica Grundy, Michelle, and I are working together to lead a team of 13 teens. Our team members seemed excited to be there, but only three have ever been to Workcamp before. It is needless to say that this will be an interesting week.

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Preparing for the battle

Starting this Wednesday night I will begin teaching a class called Every Man’s Battle. The class material will come from the book called Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker (what a coincidence). This book is designed to help men gain victory over sexual temptation. The class was originally intended for the teenage boys, but I decided to open it up to men of all ages. I think this class can be a powerful witness to the strength of sexual sin. I am really praying that some older men will come to the class because I know that will help the teens to see that they are not the only group of people who deal with this sin.

My family and I went to Arkabutla Lake today for a little relaxation. I am not what you call a water person, so I decided to lay on the beach while they went swimming. I wanted to read a couple chapters of my book to prepare for my class. As I sat in the sun women continued to walk by in their bikinis. So there I was trying to focus my attention on teaching sexual purity and at the same time trying to keep my eyes away from the constant “distractions”. I am excited to say that I got two chapters read despite my environment. I should have known that a beach is not a good place to keep my eyes pure, but it helped me to realize even more that this battle with staying pure is something that will NEVER go away. I pray that something I teach this summer will help our young and older men to realize that God wants them to lead a pure life. I pray that I can continue to practice what I preach.

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